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collapse Group : Academic & Student Services ‎(23)
SS02 Supervision of Students.pdf
SS03 Late and Missed Assignments Gr. 7 to 12.pdf
SS04 Lower Limit Report Card Mark Gr.  9 to 12.pdf
SS06 Access to School Board Premises.pdf
SS07 Academic Honesty Plagiarism and Cheating Grades 7 to 12.pdf
SS08 Admission to Catholic Schools.pdf
SS11 Bullying Prevention and Intervention.pdf
SS12 Progressive Discipline and Promoting Positive Student Behaviour.pdf
RevisedSS13 Educational Field Trips and School Activities.pdf
SS14 School Lockdown.pdf
SS15 Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) - Student.pdf
SS16 Equity and Inclusive Education.pdf
SS17 Child Abuse Mal Treatment Report Procedures Protocol.pdf
SS18 Student Responsible Use of Information Technology.pdf
SS19 Program for Long Term Suspension Students.pdf
SS20 Program for Expelled Students.pdf
SS22 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for Adolescent and Mature Students.pdf
SS24 Student Concussion Protocol.pdf
SS25 Parent and Student Exit Survey.pdf
SS26 Anaphylaxis Protocol (Sabrina's Law).pdf
SS27 Asthma Protocol for Schools (Ryan's Law).pdf
SS28 Bomb Threat Protocol.pdf
SS30 Voluntary Self-Identification for Indigenous Students.pdf
collapse Group : Corporate Services ‎(30)
CS01 Acquisition of School Sites.pdf
CS02 Community Use of School Facilities.pdf
CS04 Disposal & Acquisition of New and Used or Donated Furniture & Equipment.pdf
CS05 Disposal of Textbooks and Library Books.pdf
CS06 Hot Work Management.pdf
CS07 Disposal of Surplus Property.pdf
CS08 Election Protocol.pdf
CS09 Financial Records Retention.pdf
CS10 Energy Conservation.pdf
CS15 Purchase of IT Related Equipment (Hardware, Software and Services).pdf
CS16 School Break-In Damage and Theft.pdf
CS18 Loan of Board Furniture and Equipment.pdf
CS21 Corporate Credit Cards.pdf
CS24 Advertising.pdf
CS25 School Allocated Budgets.pdf
CS26 APG Procedures.pdf
CS27 School Generated Funds.pdf
CS28 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.pdf
CS29 IMS Service Calls and Help Desk.pdf
CS30 Travel Meal and Hospitality Expenses.pdf
CS31 Purchasing.pdf
CS32 Facility Partnerships.pdf
CS33 Facility Access Program.pdf
CS36 Educational Research.pdf
CS37 Fair Dealing Guidelines.pdf
CS38 Budget Monitoring.pdf
CS39 Accessibility Standards for Information and Communication.pdf
CS40 Third Party Music Providers.pdf
CS41 Perquisites.pdf
CS42 Capital Assets.pdf
collapse Group : Health & Safety ‎(8)
HS01 Workplace Anti Violence.pdf
HS02 Employee Safety.pdf
HS03 Workplace Safety Inspections.pdf
HS04 Employee First Aid Training and First Aid Kit Maintenance.pdf
HS05 Safety Procedures for Technology Classrooms.pdf
HS06 Heat Stress & Hot Weather Plan.pdf
HS07 Infectious Diseases Prevention Containment and Management.pdf
HS08 Health and Safety Responsibilities Policy Statement.pdf
collapse Group : Human Resources ‎(28)
HR01 Bereavement.pdf
HR02 Ability Management.pdf
HR03 Progressive Discipline of Employees.pdf
HR04 Appeal.pdf
HR05 Criminal Background Check.pdf
HR06 Attendance Support Program.pdf
HR07 Employee Attendance During Inclement Weather.pdf
HR08 Absence Reporting.pdf
HR09 Compensation Program Non Union.pdf
HR10 Marking of Correspondence Credit Courses.pdf
HR11 Recognition of Retiring Employees and Employees with 25 Years.pdf
HR12 Staff Member Elected to Public Office.pdf
HR13 Workplace Anti-Harassment and Appropriate Conduct.pdf
HR14 Hiring & Promotions to Vice-Principal and Principal Positions.pdf
HR15 Professional Development for Non-Unionized Employees.pdf
HR16 Hiring of Relatives.pdf
HR17 Recruitment and Selection.pdf
HR18 Volunteers in a School Setting.pdf
HR21 Employee Performance Appraisal.pdf
HR23 Probationary Periods.pdf
HR24 Employee Responsible Use of Information Technology.pdf
HR25 Protocol with External Agencies for the Provisions of Services by Regulated Health Professionals, Social Service Professionals and Paraprofessionals.pdf
HR26 Confidentiality.pdf
HR28 Wellness.pdf
HR29 Confidentiality of Medical Records.pdf
HR30 Home Instruction.pdf
HR31 Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs)-Employee Use.pdf
HR32 Accessibility Standard for Employment.pdf
collapse Group : Privacy Information Management ‎(5)
PIM01 Privacy Standard.pdf
PIM02 Privacy Breach Protocol.pdf
PIM03 Records and Information Management.pdf
PIM04 Privacy of Student Information.pdf
PIM05 Guideline for determining which records need to be retained.pdf